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Hygienic Solution
For Hospital Laundry

      The Corona 19 Virus Pandemic that began in early March 2020 tested the quality of hospital laundry services throughout Indonesia. Healthcare Laundry is grateful because with the SOP that has been applied so far the infectious linen of the Corona 19 virus can still be done  processed without problems and everything is also proven by passing the results of laboratory tests in March 2020.

Our Service. What we do differently

We provide outsourced hospital laundry services in Indonesia. The washing process that has been made follows the hygiene standards of SNI 8836 and is proven from the results of the USP 6I . test

the sni.PNG
SNI 8836
barrier washing.PNG
Barrier Washing Machine

Ensure clean linen is completely hygienic and free of bacteria
Hygienic Ozone (O3) Process

Using Ozone technology which kills 99.99% of microbiology

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