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Cleaning Method
Ozone Linen Disinfectant (O3)

Sterilization of linen with Ozone is a must to get “99.99% hygienically hygienic” linen, as Ozone kills better and is stronger than hot water and chlorine (Ozone in the Laundry Industry – Practical Experience in UK). Ozone has also been accredited as one of the best disinfectants by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), based on the Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidation Guidelines. It also kills up Cysts, Mycobacteria, Spores, Colcidia. Healthcare Laundry uses ozone as a disinfectant to provide the best quality for hospitals and patients. The processed products of Healthcare Laundry have been proven to be free of microbiology by the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory of the University of Indonesia.

Barrier Washing Machine

Our service works best with barrier walls and barrier washers. We use two different rooms to separate the dirty side from the clean side. This is a standard procedure that a hospital laundry should have, to ensure all linens are hygienic for patients. Dirty linen can contain bacteria or pathogenic organisms that can be carried by the air as a result of the production process. To avoid this, a separation is made between the clean side and the dirty side. Dirty sheets will enter the dirty room, and start the cleaning process from there, using eco-friendly detergents. Once finished, our workers will pick it up from the clean room. Barrier washer is mounted on barrier wall. The two sliding doors on this machine allow us to automatically distribute clean linen to the clean room. When workers go to clean rooms, they must follow strict procedures to keep the room clean and bacteria free.

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