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"Hospital sheets and patient uniforms that we wore today, who wore yesterday?"
"Tomorrow, whose linen will we use & what is he sick with? Is it germ free?”
“Does the hospital laundry we visit meet international hygienic standards?”

Those are the questions that arise when we realize that the hygienic quality of our hospital clean linen still does not meet international standards (PMK 7 of 2019 & USP 61:20 colony forming unit/100 cm²).

Is our hospital laundry hygienic?

We and our loved ones as consumers in general, are protected by the law on consumer protection no. 8 of 1999 Article 4.a. Regarding consumer rights, namely the right to comfort, security, and safety in consuming goods and services.

Can we ask the hospital to meet the quality of clean linen with international hygienic standards?

Make sure our hospital laundry meets hygienic standards. Be smart patient

Bacteria Ranking List


Sertifikat ISO 9001 : 2015 & ISO 14000 : 2015


Invitation to the Ministry of Health's Review Meeting Number 1204 of 20004 concerning Hospital Environmental Health Requirements

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Water Test Results ( PDAM )

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